Managing Mental Stress

Face it! We all have stress! It is a product of the modern world in which we live. The demands of a family, career and bills are enough to make us feel overwhelmed. We need to relax, if only for a few moments of the day.

There are a wide range of strategies for reducing mental stress. Try avoiding things that cause you to feel anxious. If a crowded store puts you on edge, try choosing a different time of day to do your shopping. You may also want to limit the time that you spend with people who seem to bring out your stress reactions.

Participating in relaxing activities can also reduce mental stress. Meditation and yoga are two widely used techniques that promote relaxation. Some are relaxed by things such as taking a walk, a bike ride or a swim. Take time out to do things that you enjoy.

Talking with others about stressors in your life may also be effective. Ask for advice from people that you trust. A fresh perspective may be all you really need to completely eliminate a source of stress.

Make a list of all the good things in your life and keep it easily accessible. When you feel like the world is coming apart, read over the list. Remember the good things.

It is important to note that we are individuals and coping mechanisms that work well for one person, may not be as effective for another. Find what works for you.

How do you manage your stress? Share your ideas!